Kewi Bra for D to P size cups starts pre-orders and campaign


If this isn’t a miracle in the making, then I don’t know what is!
Speaking as a double D girl I can tell you about finding bras that fit well, feel good, and looks good is a pain in the tail.  But I’m so intrigued by this concept.  I was also surprised to see it was created by an African American male…a male period.  Happy to see they’re listening to us and want to help us out.

Kewi, the retailer of the automatic lift bra for D+ cups, has finally revealed a picture of the concept model for the highly anticipated Kewi Bra in honor of this month, February 2014, marking one hundred years since the first patent ever filed for the female bra in February 1914 by the late Mrs. Phelps Jacobs.

The concept takes the intimate apparel industry by storm with both an innovative design that boasts of the ability to automatically lift cup sizes of up to ‘P’ cup and a style that is hard to miss with use of materials such as advanced waterproof leathers. With such an eruption in response to the intrigue the Kewi Bra spurred in the minds of thousands of women since its first introduction last December, this proves to be a new born that has been a hundred years in the making.

Kewi, based in Maryland, USA has now launched a crowd funding campaign on Indigogo to raise funds for parts of the bra said to be highly costly to manufacture. Founder, Muyiwa Olumide said, “The trick is not creating a device to lift 10-15lbs, but making the technology invisible so the user feels like she is wearing simply a sexy bra rather than a complex medical apparatus.”

With funds raised on Indigogo, Kewi plans to advance the technology it currently utilizes within the bra and fund small-scale manufacturing. Kewi, a start up right out of the home of the founder, has released a new You Tube video with a first ever-exclusive interview of the owner as he speaks on the project.

In addition, the company has also released a new line of concept designs that further push the industry to new heights. The designs feature exotic prints in never-before-seen patterns and use of fine leathers that take sex appeal to the forefront of style. “You can easily hide many other reproductive organs, but breasts aren’t one of them. Instead of designs that give a sense of shame even by just a bra strap showing on an outfit, we thought, why not create designs that enhance the overall outfit in a bold new way?” says Olumide.

This new line, along with content on the inner workings of the Kewi Bra, can be seen on the company website at The website also features a page on the history of the brassiere industry which chronicles the growth of the one hundred year old female bra that has become an intimate part of the lives of women ever since.

Pre-orders of the Kewi Bra are set to release this summer on June 1st 2014. Those that place their orders through the crowd funding campaign will receive their Kewi Bra shortly after in September and will still get to take advantage of the discounted price.

Kewi, based in Maryland, USA has now launched a crowd funding campaign on Indigogo to raise funds for parts of the bra said to be highly costly to manufacture.

Live strapless. Let the bra do the rest. The KewiBra is coming summer 2014.  Pre-order now at

Kewi Bra Front Kewi Bra back

Kewi Bra

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