Meet my new L.A. hairstylist from Atlanta, Nikki Rae.


You know? It’s such a process finding a new hairstylist. I honestly don’t understand how chair-hoppers manage the rotation of searching, booking, hunting for the best deal, never knowing who to blame for damaged hair. It took me weeks to find Nikki. For starters I haven’t been in the salon in over a year. I was missing my hair, stopped talking to my friend/ hairstylist, and good weaves don’t come cheap. Do you know how hard it is to find a good hairstylist in LA, I ask again? It’s like dating- it is dating. Think about everything involved in the relationship between client and hairstylist; she/he protects your crown & glory, becomes your hood therapist after a long work week, performs a flicka da wrist with her curling wand to make your smile wide, and your hair flips more powerful.


I found Nikki at the perfect time. But it was NOT easy.

So I stopped talking to my previous friend/ hairstylist a while ago and being the professional she is (at times) she didn’t mind me coming back to the salon but our schedules just did not work. I have a terrible schedule! Booking with her was nearly impossible with most days and hours being more limited than other hairstylists. So I tried another stylist I had been following on Instagram for a while, @CrackinAssDev. His prices were a dash higher but the booking process was terrible and dated. I would have to drive on the other side of LA immediately after a 12-hour work day and bring a cash deposit in order to book the appointment without knowing what his schedule is like at all. His work and social media presence looked great but I knew if the appointment process was like this it wouldn’t work for someone with a schedule like mine. To note, I’ve only missed 1 hair appointment in my lifetime. I’m just that solid. Back to the story… by this time another week goes by and my closure and bundles were still in the trunk of my car.


After taking a week off from searching for a hairstylist to construct a home for these bundles I got back on Instagram. I would not go to bed or log off until I found a hairstylist, it was after the holidays and enough was enough. I was ready for a weave and tired of doing my hair. I combed through the #lahair hashtag and found @nikkiallyrae. Her pics and work looked flawless and I knew I had to reach out to her. Her bio sealed the deal for me, “ATL trained LA based” with a number to call or text. Within a few text exchanges my appointment was booked.


My first appointment was perfect! She started as soon as I arrived. I got a much needed shampoo and deep conditioning treatment and she gave a nice amount of suggestions & ideas for styles with the hair I bought in. I went in thinking I would get my usual middle part and curls and left with a side part with fringed bangs and layered beachy waves. Her approach is perfect for someone like me. She’ll toss out an idea and say “I’ll start and we can decide closer to the top, no rush.” You don’t feel the pressure to get a style you’re not sure about. She confidently and quickly finished my hair like it was a walk in the park. Nothing makes me more nervous than than when my hairstylist gets nervous or looks unsure. None of that with Nikki lol. Within a week, I had to book my next appointment and my hair was and continues to grow like crazy.


Meet my new weave, 3 weeks later

As usual she started on time and I got the best shampoo and scalp scrub accompanied with the Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother. Before I knew it was I was under the warm hair dryer. I told her exactly what I wanted and she did it effortlessly. The photos you’re seeing is the hair 3 weeks after she installed it and of the closure tightened because of the rapid hair growth. I didn’t wash it before the install because I liked the big waves and because it extends the wear and performance of the hair. Not to mention I checked the weather and knew it would be a rainy mess for the next 2-3 weeks.That also means I didn’t bleach the knots or wash the closure either. The closure is 14” Brazilian body wave, in medium brown lace. The bundles is Brazilian body wave 16” and 18” 1b from a different vendor but they’ve been working great together. I can get another 2 weeks out of this weave at the rate my hair is growing then it’s onto something next, hopefully I get into a wig next because I’ll be in Nikki’s chair every other week as long as she’s in the state of California.


Installed by Nikki // Hairbeat Los Angeles

4×4 Closure // 14” brazilian body wave medium brown lace 1b natural

Bundles // 1 x 16” + 1 x 18” brazilian body wave 1b natural




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