L’Occitane Fleurs De Cerisier Collection Review


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LOccitane Cherry Blossom Collection Review

LOccitane Cherry Blossom Collection Review


Let me start by saying this.

They’re two types of girls in the world; those that wear Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom and those that wear L’Occitane Fleurs De Cerisier (Cherry Blossom) and although they have one main thing in common they’re often nothing alike.

For years I could not imagine why people love the Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom fragrance and used that as the standard for what I thought all cherry blossom fragrances would smell like.  I was wrong.  In fact I was very wrong.

During my L’Occitane blogger party the store manager introduced me to their Cheery Blossom collection which consist of 2 versions:

A more traditional Fleurs De Cerisier

Notes of freesia, cherry and lily of the valley, underlined by a base of amber and musk that linger.

A more intense version Cerisier Rouge Intense

A burst of lemon, orange and blackcurrant invigorate your senses, followed by lingering scents of raspberry and wild lily of the valley. 

Cerisier Rouge is too cherry candy-like for my personal preference but Cherry Blossom is my heart and soul.  I just want to cloak myself in this fragrance.  I became some type of hype for it.  I’m in total addict mode lol.  It’s more of a spring fragrance but I’ve made it my signature scent for months and I’m slowly building my collection.  I still have a few more products to go… the solid perfume, roller-ball, more hand cream, shower gel, and body milk to be exact.  The cherry and freesia notes are really prominent and it smells very natural and not like commercial ingredients or like candy.  I don’t get too much amber or musk from the fragrance which in this case is fine by me because the blend is so perfect for me.  I absolutely love how fresh and youthfulness of this fragrance.

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