Lotta Body Cleanse Me Co-Wash Review



I have a love/hate mostly neutral relationship with co-wash products. While I’m happy to see co-wash products on the market I’m used to concocting my own because I’ve never found one that got the job done the way I wanted to. They either doesn’t cleanse my scalp well enough or leaves my hair feeling over conditioned and heavily coated.

When I first went natural I would use regular hair conditioners or reach for one of my favorite protein conditioners from an indie brand which they no longer carry. The issue with that is you can easily over condition and you can still cause build-up on the scalp because regular conditioners aren’t designed to cleanse. If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t see any co-wash product review on the blog, that’s why. I’m just now finding a good one worth blogging about. Now if you still want to see reviews of the ones I didn’t care for let me know in the comments and I’ll get to it.

Fast forward years later and Lotta Body (a brand I love but never could imagine them making a co-wash product) introduces Cleanse Me Co-wash. My eyes lit up! I’ve yet to use a Lotta Body product that I didn’t like so the chances of me liking this new addition were pretty high despite my history with co-washing products.

Enriched with Coconut and Shea Oils, this formula deeply penetrates and hydrates hair, leaving hair soft and nourished with a brilliant shine. This cleansing conditioner gently cleanses and removes product residue while hydrating hair. Lotta Body Cleanse Me Co-Wash is perfect for all hair types including natural, relaxed or color-treated hair.

I’ve tested Cleanse Me on low and moderate build-up as I never co-wash with a high amount of build-up because I feel like at that time just wash your hair. I co-wash to refresh, hydrate, and change my mid-week style, not as a replacement for regular shampooing.

  1. Saturate our hair with water
  2. Massage a generous amount into the hair making sure to manipulate from top to bottom
  3. Gently scrub your scalp with your finger tips
  4. Leave on for a few minutes
  5. Rinse + style as usual

My hair is color-treated and has been misbehaving and acting like a frizzy mess ever since. I’ve been deep conditioning weekly and doing hot oil treatments but nothing was working. I needed more hydration and nourishment. Cleanse Me doesn’t make my hair weighed down (which is great because my hair is fine and I love + need volume to make it look like it’s big and full), it leaves my hair soft, and the scent is beautiful… nice and sweet how I like it. Most of all my scalp is clean and free of product build-up which helps hair to grow. My only concern was that I didn’t think this would be enough product to last because the bottle looks pretty slim, but it’s a taller bottle and still hold 10 oz of product which is good. I can get about 7-10 uses from once bottle which means I only need to buy a bottle once every other month. You know…. that’s until they decide to make a family-size 20 oz bottle with an industrial size pump *I kid, I kid* *dead serious*.


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