Body Scrub: Coffee Grounds Out and Sand Is In?


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Coffee might not be out just yet but micro-beads are definitely out with laws being passed to ban them since they’re so small they’re clogging filters and settling into various lakes and natural resources.  Lush Cosmetics wanted to create something to combat the issue and the end result was a limited edition body scrub. For a limited time you can grab Life’s A Beach Body Scrub for $6.95 which launches June 5th online and in stores.

Formulated with fine sea salt, actual sand, and gardenia flower extract this usual scrub has the same texture you would find at the beach. So does it work? Happy to say it did a great job at exfoliating. But it does feel strange and can take some getting used too (the vanilla-caramel scent will help along the way). The usual oils and butters are missing from this sandy shore inspired scrub so it often feels like you’re rolling in sand and doesn’t have the glide like others. I did leave the shower grit-free but I can’t say the same for shower itself- it was like grit city and a pain to rinse.

Fun note:  While I was in Santa Monica this weekend I grabbed another Twilight Bath Bomb.  I literally scheduled time to enjoy a relaxing bath and go to bed on time and it felt great.  I also included a shot of Angel’s on Bare Skin [you can find the review here].


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