MAC 30-Pan Custom Eyeshadow Palette Swatches [Neutrals]


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mac 30 pan eyeshadow palette swatches (1)


So I’m gearing up to fill my second MAC Cosmetics 30-pan palette but not before I posted swatches of all the eyeshadows in the first one. In all these years I’m surprised I hadn’t done this already but at the same time I’m happy because I’m sure those pics would have looked dusty. A little personal growth goes a long way.


I purchased 2 empty 30-pan eyeshadow palettes because I planned on getting my makeup storage and vanity in order. I finished this one and the rest is history. I really have to be in the mood to depan eyeshadows. I have to be sitting down with a glass of wine or a good reality show playing in the background. I just find it to be a chore, but just like everyone else I love it when it’s done. Instead of an endless drawer of single eyeshadows you can just grab your palette and go on about business as usual.


I’ve had many of these shades for years, the oldest one might be around 7 years old. I haven’t noticed any changes in quality due to the age. No crazy smells or changes in textures either. I didn’t notice any changes in quality from the first time I purchased and used them until now. The ones that performed poorly now was just as bad when I got them. You’re probably wondering how this happens. How does a beauty expert end up at the store where she can swatch product still end up buying crappy eyeshadows. Easy; rushing, pointing, and just enjoying the thrill and high of shopping. The type of carefree shopping I don’t always get since it’s typically part of research, dissection, and work. From this set of 15 shades swatched here only 1 was poor performing, another was acceptable. Sure it’s not the most consistent but that’s pretty good (with room for improvement).




Cranberry red-plum with pink shimmer, frost finish

Amber Lights peachy-brown with shimmer, frost finish

Brule soft creamy-beige, satin finish

Embark intense reddish brown, matte finish

Brun muted blackish-brown, satin finish

Naked Lunch pale baby pink with shimmer, frost finish

Folie reddish-plum brown, satin finish

Handwritten rich chocolate brown, matte² finish

Corduroy muted reddish-brown, matte finish

Tempting rich cocoa brown, lustre finish

Jest peach with icy shimmer, frost finish (my skin tone pulls more lavender tones)

Charcoal Brown muted taupe brown, matte finish

Gleam gold-pink duochrome, lustre finish

Expensive Pink pink with duochrome, veluxe pearl

Wedge soft muted taupe, matte finish


mac 30 pan eyeshadow palette swatches (2)
mac 30 pan eyeshadow palette swatches (4)

mac 30 pan eyeshadow palette swatches (5)

mac 30 pan eyeshadow palette swatches set 1

mac 30 pan eyeshadow palette swatches set 2

What MAC neutral eyeshadow shades should I add to my wishlist?

Tell me the shade name and what color(s) you like to pair it with

Let me know in the comments below.

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