Music Videos That Bodied 90’s Makeup Trends


90's makeup trends
Janet Jackson “You Want This”
Lip liner was king! ¬†Sure contour palettes are all the rave now but in the 90’s your lip liner game had to be strong.

My Lyte ft Xscape “Keep On, Keepin On”
Brick red went with every outfit, anytime of the year.

Jennifer Lopez “If You Had My Love”
Make one eyeshadow work! You can nail the entire look with just some cool metallic finish, shimmer, or glitter with white eyeliner. And guess what? It always looked great with your sheer lip gloss.

Mary J. Blige “Everything”
Where do I even start? “Everything” literally had every trend of the 90’s! Long, wide, curved nails (check), gold tones to remind people you’re a real life queen (check), black lipstick (check).

Lauryn Hill “Ex-Factor”
Skin was in and contour lines definitely was not. In fact no saw your business. They couldn’t see your falsies, where your blush began and ended, or concealer under the brows.

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