MaqPro Paris Fard Creme Foundation Palette Review and Swatches


maq fard creme palette maq fard creme palette

maq fard creme palette

maq fard creme palette

maq fard creme palette

maq fard creme palette

 Purchased by Me

If you’ve used any creme fard product from MaqPro, you know that the color is packed to punch.  These palettes are the ultimate space-saver for your kit, and afford you the luxury of having twice the color possibilities in a fraction of the space.

What makes MaqPro unique?  To start, every product is manufactured entirely in France, with only the highest quality French components to earn the coveted “Origine France Garantie” label – French origin certified.  Each carefully crafted fard creme color is made with only the best and most natural waxes for a staying power of up to 12 hours.  The smooth formula is concentrated in pigment and creamy to the touch, also making it ideal for pairing with a moisturizer, primer, or thinner of your choice for achieving sheer coverage.  This is not your average makeup; feel none of the constraints of pre-mixed, pre-blended colors and enchant your will to create.  MaqPro boasts international market exclusivity with this method of color creation, allowing the artist the freedom to customize foundation, concealer, corrector, neutralizer, contour shades, lip, cheek and eye colors limitlessly.  MaqPro is family-owned and operated, and continues to abide by the same product quality, traditional method of production, constant creativity and team spirit that brought them into the industry years ago.

*Cream cosmetics often “sweat” and form small beads of moisture on the surface.  This is normal and does not in any way affect the quality of the product.  New fard cremes may appear to have “color dots” on the surface of the product, which easily wipe away and do not affect the color.

I grabbed these at a time I was running low on foundations for my kit and really wanted something that wouldn’t take up much room.  But I was really drawn to MaqPro (LeMaquilage Professionnel) because it was one of only a few that was so highly rated by industry professionals.  You can tell from the swatches that they’re pretty emollient and has a dewy finish which I freaking love!  When I do makeup for clients I don’t only focus on skin care because I have to make sure that makeup application is going to look good throughout the time you’re wearing it.  If you’re oily I have a few products to help with that but what I don’t like to do is use oil control foundations and making clients look matte and muddy.  I want them all to look like they have naturally flawless skin and by the time I apply setting powders it just all comes together and look perfect.  I also love that they’re full coverage because you can use the MaqPro Make Up Mixer to make the coverage sheer which is what I tend to always do first.  I use my stainless steel spatula, the Fard Creme in the shades needed, and Make Up Mixer and mix the foundation before blending it and can adjust the coverage.  The Make Up Mixer can be used as a moisturizer, mixing medium, and thinner.  It is scented but dissipates but the texture is really nice.  It starts off like a thin face lotion but melts into a balmy moisturizer.  It has a dropper top so you can control how much product to use and most of the time I only have to use a drop or two.  I would recommend taking a sheet of 1-ply tissue to blot the face before setting it if you find the finish to be too dewy.

I don’t have anything bad to report in fact they make every shade and color under the sun and you can even make your own 3, 6, 10, or 36 color palettes with different finishes.  From face, lips, cheeks, contour, color correcting, special fx, they have you covered.  The darkest shade in my palette is nowhere near as dark as the shades they offer.


Isoteryl isotearate, ozokerite, castor oil (ricinus communis), hydrogenated palm kernel glycerides, propylene glycol dipelargonate, polyglceryl-2 sesquiisostearate polyglyceryl polyglyceryl-2 sequistearate, PEG- 8 beeswax, pheenyltrimethicone, propylene glycol isotearate, cetyl-lactate, elaeis guinneensis (palm) oil, CI 77891, CI 77492, CI 77491, talc, CI 77007, CI 77499, CI 15385, CI 16255

Price & Where to purhcase

6-pan palettes usually run about $79.50.  I purchased DAH2 (darker of the two) and DAH26 (lighter of the two) from Nigel’s Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood, California. carries some of the colors and if you really want to customize your palette visit and order directly from MaqPro.

DAH2 (swatched from left to right)

M173 – Medium with golden tones

M170 – Medium light with golden tones

M177 – Medium with neutral warm tones

M175 – Medium with warm tones

M185 – Deep neutral brown

M180 – Darek with neutral warm tones

DAH26 (swatched from left to right)

52 – Pale with yellow tones

115 – Warm light brown

51 – Pale with neutral tones

134 – Light with pink tones

C1 – Light yellow tones

21 – White

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