5 Mascara Hacks You Should Try


In my past life I was the self-proclaimed mascara whore. There wasn’t a mascara that didn’t grace these lashes, no matter the price tag. The first time I visited a cosmetics counter with my own money and for myself instead of just a spectator, I was asked “what’s your favorite feature because that’s the one we’re going to focus on as a starting point.” For me it was my lashes. They weren’t the fullest but they were long and defined and I love how mascara made them even better. Mascara was my world! I once asked a friend that was traveling to Mexico (that loved mascara as much as I did) to bring me back a tube of their most popular mascara that we can’t find in the states and she did! More about that in a different post because I recently found the mascara online and would love to review it for you guys. Over the years I’ve picked up some mascara hacks that can work along with mascara formulas you already own.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start when deciding on a mascara to buy, check out this list of the the top 10 mascaras for lengthening and volumizing: https://www.rankandstyle.com/top-10-list/best-mascaras-2016

clinique lash building primer

Use a lash curler.

I know you’ve heard it over and over again and some still don’t get the “big deal”. Using a lash curler before applying mascara should be vital in your routine. After doing some research and checking out Xlash make up articles about make up mistakes, I learnt a lot! Not only can a lash curler help curl and lift lashes but the right one can also help tame unruly lashes. The most important part is finding the right lash curler and for me that took a while. Finding the right lash curler is no easy task; people don’t review lash curlers nearly as often as mascara (I’m guilty of this) and the few I’ve seen haven’t been the best reviews. My favorite lash curler is the $1 e.l.f. lash curler followed by the Revlon Extra Curl Lash Curler. The size and tension of curlers both work great for my lashes without giving them a hard tight curl. But I’m thinking about reviewing more lash curlers next year.

revlon extra curl lash curler

To prime or not prime?

I don’t use a primer everyday but when I don’t want to wear lashes I’ll usually apply a primer before applying my mascara but lately I’ve been switching it up a bit by applying mascara followed by Essence lash powder. This lash powder is essentially a jar of lash fibers so I could be tricky to use the first time. Talika Paris Lash Extender is a great alternative if you prefer dark fibers that are easier to use. You can also make you own lash primer with them and a tube of clear mascara. Lash primer is used to build length and volume without adding color but most are white in color which makes it easy to see when applying.

talika paris lash extender

Tiny enhancements

If you have gaps or spaces in your lashes or simply want some natural fullness without lash strips you can add a few clusters of lash extensions using the same lash glue you use for strips so that they’re easier to remove at the end of the night. The accompanying lash glue for individual lashes has a different formula that’s meant for lash extensions to last 1 to 2 weeks. It can also be a pain to remove. When I used to wear them I had to use the remover, steam/ hot towel and patience I cared not to have.

ardell individual lashes

Mascara combos

Okay this one takes some practice. You simply use 2 different mascara but you have to pay attention to the brush and timing so you can determine when tube to use first and also determine if it helps to allow a short amount of drying time between coats. Never wait for coats to dry complexly because that can cause clump city but just the right amount of drying time can build volume. My general rule of thumb is to use a defining mascara first followed by a volumizing mascara.

benefit theyre real mascara

The perfect eyeliner

A few years ago Hourglass Cosmetics introduced the world to Film Noir Lash Lacquer. After what seemed like a brief introduction it was pulled off shelves and discontinued. I honestly think it was just too far ahead of its time and people couldn’t get with it. I on the other hand freaking loved it! But since it doesn’t look like its coming back any time soon I’ve found the perfect dupe that won’t break the bank; Milani Infinite Liquid Liner. The only noticeable difference is that it’s a fraction of the price and the brush isn’t wide. You can use this trick anytime but I especially love it when I’m wearing daytime/ office appropriate makeup and have plans immediately after work. Since we know applying mascara on top of dry mascara is a no-no, this hack lets you build color and “sandwich” between products on top of the mascara you’re already wearing. I mentioned the brush isn’t as wide with the Milani dupe so I tend to not remove any excess product and use the brush at an angle. It leaves a nice waterproof shiny finish without the clumping.

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