My Winter Body Care Regimen is Ridiculous


… at least I’m willing to admit it’s over the top but you know something? My skin is silky smooth. Like the highest levels of smoothness, even during the winter. I can sit under the heater and trek on the trains and buses in the rain and will not get ashy or dry. Even when I’ve been in the cold all day my skin is still smooth once the clothes are off. But they’re levels to this. One, it takes time. I usually layer 2-3 products so the days of just “lotioning up” are gone. I moisturize in 3 steps; cream to hydrate, oil to nourish, and dry oil to seal it all in. But you can’t have a routine like this without exfoliating at least 2-3 times a week. What’s even more ridiculous is that many of my friends have the same if not similar routines. I feel good knowing I’m not the only ridiculous one.


I use a cream first because I find them to be more hydrating since they usually contain some amount of water or fluid. I couldn’t find my jar of L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate, in fact, I haven’t seen it in weeks and I’m going to buy a replacement. It’s one of three creams I use right now. I’m not too particular about the creams I use in the first step since I only care that it’s hydrating and smells nice. This is when I use my Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works lotions and creams.


Vaseline Cocoa Butter is a winter requirement. It’s been that way as long as I can remember. The powder scent is my favorite too but it wasn’t in stock. It helps keep my knees, elbows, and heel smooth (although I do still use a foot balm). It’s so thick and great for long days when I know I’ll be bundled up. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Belle Butters Dous Te Body Oil. It smells like sweet green tea and deeply nourishes. But since this is my last bottle and it’s no longer available I try not to abuse it. I use it at night because it puts me in a good mood before bed.A new body oil I have in rotation is H & M Revelation Oil.  I’m pretty sure this oil was meant to either be unisex or for men, it’s a thick rich full bodied oil with a soft slightly spicy scent. I’m actually really surprised by this oil. For a retail brand like H & M to create an oil that’s actually an oil for dry skin that’s not lightweight it is rarely seen.

Dry oil

I’ve been using Ahava Cactus and Pink Pepper Dry Oil like a crazy woman. I can hold it’s on by itself; it was my go-to  this summer. But since I layer during winter I use it as the final step to seal everything together. The scent is so light, feminine, floral, and irresistible. It’s also an anti-aging. It contains Dunaliella Algae which slows cell degradation by protecting skin from free radical damage.

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