NEST Indigo Eau de Parfum Review and Pictures


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If you don’t know about NEST Fragrances it’s time to get to know the perfume house.


In the fall of 2008, Slatkin launched the NEST Fragrances Collection, her own line of luxury scented candles and a holiday collection that debuted at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and select specialty boutiques nationwide. An exquisite collection of luxury home scents, the NEST Fragrances Collection combines color, texture and fragrance to enhance one’s everyday living and entertaining experience. In 2009, the NEST Fragrances Collection won The Fragrance Foundation Award for “Interior Scent Collection of the Year.” The Fragrance Foundation Awards are considered to be the Oscars of the fragrance industry.

NEST Fragrances – due to customer demand – has rapidly broadened its fragrance assortment with the introduction of additional home fragrance and personal care products, including Reed Diffusers, Liquid Soap, Body Wash, Body Cream, and Body & Soul Eau De Toilette Spray. Top-selling NEST scents like Bamboo, Blue Garden, Grapefruit, Moroccan Amber, Moss & Mint, Orange Blossom, Pumpkin Chai, Sicilian Tangerine and Wasabi Pear have each developed their own cult-like followings, with fans who want to enjoy and luxuriate in the fragrances around-the-clock, year-round.


I’ve had my eye on NEST Fragrances for a while but got “Indigo” as a Sephora perk.  How can you see a bottle so beautiful and not be intrigued what’s inside?  The beautiful glass with the art displayed in the backdrop and matte black top, it stands out on my vanity.  I didn’t know what to expect but simply loving the idea of fig and tea notes was all that I needed to hear.  This is one I could have purchased without a second guess but I given the opportunity to try before dropping coins is always great.

You’ll either really like it or really love it.  The sweet fig balances the tea and bergamot perfectly!  Although the the kashmir wood warms it up there’s something very aquatic about it.  It feels very spring and opulent.  Even when I went to Sephora this week I fell in love with 3 more NEST Fragrances.

 Moroccan tea, Kashmir wood, and black cardamom are enhanced with hints of wild fig and bergamot. These notes combine to create a captivating fragrance that transitions well from day to evening.


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