OPI 2015 Soft Shades Collection Review and Swatches


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OPI Soft Shade 2015 Collection (1)


OPI This Silver's Mine - OPI Soft Shade 2015 Collection (2)


OPI Chiffon My Mind - OPI Soft Shade 2015 Collection (3)


OPI Act Your Beige! - OPI Soft Shade 2015 Collection (4)


OPI Put It In Neutral - OPI Soft Shade 2015 Collection (5)


OPI Petal Soft - OPI Soft Shade 2015 Collection (6)


OPI Make Light of the Situation - OPI Soft Shade 2015 Collection (7)


The queen of everything neutral (when did this become my life) is happy to present OPI’s 2015 Soft Shades Collection.

I could be wrong but I always feel like OPI Soft Shade Collections were their answer to Essie’s annual Wedding Collection.  Maybe I’m thinking too much into it and it’s nothing more than a mid spring collection.  Some might find them a tad boring but I call Soft Shades a necessity.  As much as I love trendy shades I always have a need for soft classic shades in my stash.  Sometimes you need them for work, weddings, to balance brightly colored outfits, first dates, and even more somber occasions.  Not to mention shades like this can be layered and still look pretty assume all year long for pedicures.


This Silver’s Mine – A duty chrome silver with lavender tones.  I know I told you guys I’m sick of chrome silver polishes and I still am but this one found its place in my heart because it has more character than just your run of the mill chrome silver.

Chiffon My Mind – A sheer bright pinkish white shade with whimsical blue/ purple micro shimmer

Act Your Beige! – Your basic sheer nude beige.  I think I can even see some pink tones but it’s still beige.

Put It In Neutral – A basic sheer nude pink.  It looks similar to Act Your Beige but more pink.  I don’t think one needs both but one should have at least one.  Pink can give nails a more youthful healthy appearance so if I had to go with just one it would be Put It In Neutral.

Petal Soft – A clear base with soft pink and white matte glitter with soft with daisy-shaped glitter.  I think this polish is cute and I like that they used matte glitter instead of the usual metallic finishes but I found the daisy-shaped glitter to be a pain to pick up on the brushes.

Make Light of the Situation – This photo doesn’t do this color any justice at all!  This is a must-have color is you love white nail polishes! The base clear but it has this stunning pale silver and pastel-tone holographic glitters.  Super cute with a stark white color underneath.


The OPI Soft Shades Collection of 2015 will be available in mid-March.

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  • Chaniece 2015-02-28

    Lovely. I feel like these pastels are perfect for Spring.

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