OPI 2016 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holiday Collection Swatches and Review



I’m finally getting back into the swing of wearing nail polish WITH COLOR. It took me months to get my nails healthy again from the last set of acrylic nails. This time around it actually took me longer to get them healthy and the length I wanted. Since I’m back it was only right that I start the season off with OPI’s 2016 “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Holiday Collection. The collection consist of 12 stand OPI formula shades and an additional 6 Infinite Shine shades, bringing the total count to 18 shades. OPI is known for their massive holiday releases. That’s how I always know it’s time to wrap the all my beauty posts for the year; it’s my gentle reminder.

This collection will cover you (or your nails in this case) from fall to winter, from dinner party to formal black tie charity events. There’s literally no color missing for those of us that like to stick to the rules and for those times you want to live outside the lines.

I listed the details about each formula below. Nothing new or unusual from this collection. If you’re new to using Infinite Shine it is a gel-like extended wear system that lasts 10 days and doesn’t require soaking to remove. I love this system and it really does last nearly 9 dayS even with mid week co-washes. I’ve also worn them with regular base and topcoat and it did pretty well. The last time I wore the formula was this summer with a gel base and topcoat and cured it. The wear was just as long as gel; so for a pedicure for me about 30 days.






































Holiday gift items range from “Mini Mani Month” – a set of 25 OPI Mini Nail Lacquers for $49.95 ($67.50 CAN) to the “Style Icon” Mini 4 Pack for $14.50 ($19.95 CAN) to the stocking stuffer-perfect Mini 2 Pack at only $8.95 ($11.95 CAN). For extra indulgence, treat yourself or a friend to a set of six minis of OPI’s deliciously rich Avojuice hand and body cream, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired Holly Red & Sparkling Mimosa scents. $11.95 ($16.95 CAN.)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s limited-edition nail lacquers retail for $10.00 ($13.50 CAN) each, while Infinite Shine lacquers retail for $12.50 ($16.95 CAN) at Professional Salons, as well as Beauty Brands, beautybrands.com, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA and ulta.com. GelColor is an in-salon, professional service only.



I Believe in Manicures, opaque light baby blue. With a bit more green it could have easily teen more of the traditional Tiffany Blue which I would have been excited to see but understand that the Tiffany brand is separate from the movie and they hold the trademark to.

The Infinite Shine of the same name formula is a lot thicker and a smidgen lighter.

Champagne for Breakfast, small silver holographic with a clear base

Holly talks Paul into having champagne for breakfast and take him on a shopping trip to Tiffany’s because she’s basically me in my late mid and late 20’s.

Black Dress Not Optional, gunmetal black with a silver sheen

Apartment for Two, opaque bright hot pink with raspberry tones

Rich & Brazilian, opaque deep purple with yellow and purple duo chrome shimmer

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, dusty peach toned white with fine silver pearl sheen

Can’t Read Without My Lipstick, deep neutral red

Fire Escape Rendezvous, firecracker red shimmer with red glitter and shimmer

Got the Mean Reds, vivid neutral red with a creme finish

Not quite like being sad with the “blues” but fear of and unsure why

Meet my Decorator, vivid fiery neutral-warm red creme finish

Paul’s “decorator”, wealthy older woman Emily Eustace Failenson

Sunrise… Bedtime, clear base with pink holographic glitter

Five-and-Ten, shimmery champagne white with silver glitter

Girl Love Pearls, white frost or white satin depending on how excited you are about the color

I’ll Have a Manhattan Infinite Shine, deep inky purple. The formula is pretty thick.

Can’t Tame a Wild Thing Infinite Shine, fiery yellow-based red with an opaque jelly finish

Paul/ Fred gave Holly/ Lula Mae the best read ever for her shenanigans

Ring the Buzzer Again Infinite Shine, neutral-cool red with a creme finish

Mickey Rooney at the fiery understandably annoyed neighbor, Mr. Yunioshi in Yellowface.

Party at Holly’s, deep brown with red tones. Another thick formula.

If Holly was a club promoter on Love and Hip Hop New York she would be the host and Baller Alert would be there for the social media coverage


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