OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Collection Swatches and Review


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When you see this holiday polish collection you can see a good mixture of OPI’s classiness and Gwen Stefani’s edginess. It actually makes for a nice collection.  I was little surprised to see so many reds because we saw that with the Mariah Carey Holiday collection in 2013 but it’s Gwen… what type of collection would it be without a ton of reds?  We would question the inspiration if we didn’t see various shades of red.  The collection is pretty massive and a tad predictable but I think if you plan on grabbing some of these as holiday gifts you won’t be disappointed. There’s something in here for all ages, styles and personalities. What I really loved about this collection were the glitters. I’m not a fan of glitter by any means but these are adult glitters. I wore white polish topped with Snow Globetrotter and got compliments galore. The inclusion of black, white and silver glitter also makes it perfection selections for New Year’s Eve parties.

OPI announces the launch of 18 new limited edition holiday nail lacquers inspired by No Doubt singer/songwriter and L.A.M.B. designer Gwen Stefani. This seasonal collection includes an assortment of red, maroon, burgundy, and forest green hues, along with shimmer-packed silver, gold and black shades.

Gwen Stefani Holiday for OPI also includes an array of unique glitters in shades of black and white, with iridescent and chrome accents. During the holiday season, women adopt a more glamorous beauty look. OPI’s 18 new shades are inspired by Gwen’s edgy, sophisticated style. The holidays are all about indulgence, and these sparkly shades epitomize luxury!”  -Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador.


OPI Kiss Me or Elf

Kiss Me or Elf

Red-violet with a subtle frost finish – OPI seems to always toss in a red-violet shade that would initially have me on the fence but once on I’m like “where have you been all my life”.  I found the formula to be pretty opaque with a nice sightly thick consistency.


OPI Just BeClaus

Just BeClaus

Dusty maroon with a cream finish – Mulberry is one of those shades that just looks nice on all skin tones.  This formula was thinner than others but not hard to apply.


OPI In A Holidaze

In A Holidaze

Deep red jelly – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re looking for the shiniest finish reach for opaque jelly finishes instead of cream finished.  I was expecting this color to be a lot deeper and closer to maroon but it ended up being a nice deep red.  Since it does have a jelly finish expect the natural white tip of your nails to peep through.


OPI Cinnamon Sweet

Cinnamon Sweet

Deep cool red with a cream finish – This red has more blue-tones than What’s Your Pointsettia and the both share the same cream finish.


OPI Fashion A Bow

Fashion A Bow

Bright red-orange jelly – “Hot… like… fyyyahhh”….. you guys already know what song I’m singing.  This is the most perfect red-orange color I’ve seen in quite some time.  OPI and Gwen had declared it fashionable to wear bright shades during the holiday.


OPI Whats Your Pointsettia

What’s Your Pointsettia

Neutral red with a cream finish – Just your basic everyday neautral red.  Nothing fun to talk about here.


OPI Red Fingers and Mistletoes

Red Fingers and Mistletoes

Red with red and gold shimmer – I wish this color had more pizazz and fire!  It seems very safe and at a holiday party you want to jazz it up.


OPI First Class Desires

First Class Desires

Eggplant jelly with gold shimmer – I think they were going in the right direction with this color but it didn’t really translate well.  I can see light spots near the cuticles because it has a jelly finish so there are some application troubles.  But the gold shimmer is throwing me off too.  I can’t put my finger on it but this one just didn’t wow me like I thought it would.


OPI Love is Hot and Coal

Love is Hot and Coal

Deep gray brown with subtle frost – I didn’t think I would love this color as much as I do.  It has brown, it has a touch of plum and even some subtle frost but some how it all comes together and looks good.


OPI Sleigh Parking Only

Sleigh Parking Only

Slightly muted eggplant with a cream finish – I think I’ll be wearing this color a lot.  It’s such a great fall color without being too dark.


OPI I Carol About You

I Carol About You

Deep royal purple with subtle frost – We typically don’t see purple in holiday collections but this time we are and I think this one can easily sell out at stores.  I don’t think I’ll see people wearing it during the season but I do think people are doing to save it for spring/ summer.


OPI Christmas Gone Plaid

Christmas Gone Plaid

True forest green with a cream finish – Some might find this green to be some what predictable but I love it!  I want to try it with some cute holiday designs.


OPI Rollin In Cashmere

Rollin’ In Cashmere

Gold frost – I’m not sure what it is about frosty gold nail polish that seems that makes me feel like I’ve aged 20 years but it does.  I’m a champagne-gold type of girl.


OPI Unfrost My Heart

Unfrost My Heart

Silver frost with shimmer – I don’t want to talk about another silver nail polish.  Note:  I am over silver and gold nail polish yet shades of mint green and countless reds are okay.


OPI I'll Tinsel You In OPI I'll Tinsel You In

I’ll Tinsel You In

Clear base with white bar glitter with black glitter


OPI Snow Globetrotter OPI Snow Globetrotter

Snow Globetrotter

Tinted white base with whimsical iridescent glitter


OPI So Elegant OPI So Elegant

So Elegant

Clear base (looks black in the bottle) with black and chrome glitter


OPI Comet In The Sky OPI Comet In The Sky

Comet In The Sky

This is Snow Globetrotter’s deep soulful sister.  Equally as pretty but much better with black polish.


OPI Holiday 2014 Glitters

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