Original BeautyBlender Vs. The BeautyBlender PRO Black Sponge


Nearly 5 months since it was announced on Allure.com, I’ve finally gotten my paws on the BeautyBlender PRO Black-colored sponge.  Said to be exactly as the original pink sponge, I’d have to slightly disagree.  The black one doesn’t discharge any dye whatsoever.  My only concern with the pink one is that the dye takes quite a few washes before you start to see faint traces of it.  I have sensitive skin and it’s never posed and issue but it was a concern.  If you don’t know about the BeautyBlender Sponge, it’s a reusable makeup sponge used to blend makeup.  It has a lot of bounce & give so it’s pretty much fail proof; simply use stippling motions and pat your product in the skin.  You can use the tapered end for detailed areas such as under the eyes, around the nose, and lips.  I don’t recommend this sponge if you really need to carve out details for contorting but I don’t have that issue daily so it is my go-to and a kit must-have.

Rumor has it that the BeautyBlender will be Sephora stores soon.  Well that’s not a rumor but I don’t have the details or date.

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