Outre Velvet Remi Human Hair Closure Review and Photos


Outre Velvet Remi Closure

Outre Velvet Remi Closure (1)

I love having my hair left out but trying to workout and keep kinky hair straight doesn’t go hand-in-hand.  So getting a closure was the best resort.  Since Pauline’s was out of stock I went to Juliet’s in Compton (Rosecrans and Central because they have 2 locations in the same city) and bought the Outre Velvet Remi 14″ Closure in color #4 ($49).  It was colored and installed by ValUrStylist.  Not bad for a $49 closure!  Although it can take bleaching/ coloring and high heat of 450 degrees (and claims to be 100% human hair) I can feel the man made yaki texture.  It’s more annoying for me than anything, but people wouldn’t be able to tell.  I just happen to have a thing for texture.  It blends well with the Brazilian Hair I already had installed.  And I accidentally used my NC42 concealer instead of something darker on the part…I just wasn’t thinking.  Since it’s made with a 2 X 3 skin pad using the tea method to dye it would not work.  I think this closure is good for the price if you’re in a pinch.  If you have a great hair stylist they should have no problem manipulating it to make it look natural.

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