Overcharging at Ulta…Still an Issue



For weeks I’ve been torn over if I should do this post or not ruffle any feathers and finally came to the conclusion that it had to be done.  It had to be done for a few reasons.  I talk about my love for Ulta a lot on this blog and in real life.  Like, we can’t be friends if you don’t shop at Ulta lol.  As my reader, I look at you guys like a “friend in my head”.  The information and reviews I write are no different than what I give if you know me personally or met me on the street and this issue it no different.

I use Foursquare pretty often (ok so that’s probably an understatement) and often check the tips from visitors when going to different stores.  I noticed a popular tip for the Ulta location in Redondo Beach is to check your receipt because promotional pricing is missed.  This was in 2011 and I didn’t think much of it.   I honestly thought it was an isolated incident.  Shortly after, I was overcharged for an item that was on sale.  It happened again recently as well.  The ladies are always really good about crediting the price difference but it’s seriously like an entire process.  The item (or items) have to be returned then repurchased.  Do you know how much of a pain it is to make another trip to the store and remember to get the product?

I now make it a habit to make a mental note of all the prices and pay close attention while items are being scanned to avoid any extra trips.  But during a trip this weekend with my friend I told her to check the pricing and receipt.  Sure enough she was overcharged.  She had a large purchase and it wasn’t noticed until the transaction was complete.  Everything had to be returned and redone. But the cashier actually realized that the price was correct but someone inadvertently left the sale sticker posted so the price was honored.  It seems as though it isn’t the registers that are overcharging but the sales stickers aren’t being removed, which is causing the issue.  A quick search on Google reveals that this is more than just a small issue and has been going on for years.  So be sure you check your receipts because you could be losing a good deal of money.

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