PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device Review and Pictures


PMD Clean is a smart facial cleansing device. With over 7,000 vibrations per minute, our SonicGlow technology not only ensures a deep cleanse, but provides a way to lift, firm, and tone problem areas for a more youthful appearance.




Battery operated

2 cleansing speeds, 2 massage speeds

Cleansing and massage head in one


No timer or automatic shut-off. You have to just let it ride.

Silicone brush head is non replaceable


It really does vibrate so using the device on taunt areas of the face such as the forehead feels like thumping

I purchased the PMD Clean during the Black Friday sale nearly a month and afte my face cleanser.r getting the Clarisonic Mia Smart 3-in-1 . I didn’t consider it replacing my Clarisonic but I was curious to see how it works since I do love the PMD Personal Microdermabrasion. The more I use the PMD Clean the least I see in common between it and the Clarisonic. At one point I considered doing a comparison post but they really are incomparable. Comparisons end at “how well do they cleanse the face”.

I’m unsure if this is a case of me not enjoying a device or it just not being for me (my skin for that matter). I typically get my face really wet and do a  “spread”. A spread is a technique used to spread your cleanser in preparation for cleansing and manipulation. Ya know, to evenly distribute the goods. The silicone material practically repels water, which in my mind I thought would be great great since my skin is usually dehydrated. It seems like my skin just sucks away all moisture and no matter how much water or which cleanser cleanser I use it won’t foam when using the PMD Clean. But it does really well with gel cleansers. It cleans the skin just fine but my main concern is that it disrupts hydration. I don’t see a noticeable difference in hydration compared to the amount of water being used. My skin always feels tighter when I use the device but that could be due to it being a better cleansing device, me cleansing too long (it doesn’t have a timer), or dehydration from the material. A fun thing I really enjoy about the device is massager. I like it best with face oils and using it with sheet masks for better penetration. Using it with creams I felt like it was just dragging across my face. I also found it easy to clean, rinse, and dry. I use antibacterial hand soap after every use.   

Here’s the thing, I don’t dislike it enough to return it and I’m still holding on to hope that one day I’ll fall in love with it. I’ll most likely use it when traveling or give to my boyfriend. @PMDbeauty actually DM’d me to ask how I was enjoying the device when I posted it in my Stories. I let them know it was great but wish it had a timer. Their response was pretty good:

We didn’t include a timer because we find facial cleansing and massaging to be intuitive, especially for problem area that people may want to take a little extra care of.

I mean, face washing in general should be intuitive but the entire point of investing $60-99 on a skin care device is so that I don’t have to do as much work or thinking. This device caused me to do too much thinking.

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