Real Shit, Mona Scott-Young Owes us This


Since 2011 I’ve been a faithful viewer of Love & Hip Hop. I love ratchet Mondays! My real life is uneventful so a weekly dose of scripted-reality drama featuring celebs well past their prime and social media darlings is right up my alley. But I am annoyed! This year proud shmoney-chaser, stripper-hoe come wannabe porn star, and new rapper, Cardi B was supposed to finally give the brand what we needed. A woman breaking hearts and playing men left & right and getting PAID. The crew was excited. Love & Hip Hop played us by including her scenes in the previews but not introducing her until episode 2. Last night we finally get to see Cardi B in her Love & Hip Hop glory and she’s arguing with a nigga that looks like a knee cap about lying to her for the past 2 years because she wants an honest man. Girl what happened? Where’s the shmoney-chaser that don’t got time for this? Is she on Instagram because that’s the girl we need. Mona Scott-Young has to work harder to find us a woman that’s almost as creepy as Rich but getting paid and being a boss. I feel like we’re owned this. She’s shown us getting lied to by men, crying, fighting (over men) for so long she can do us this one solid because Cardi B might not be the one.

Check out the full episode here

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