Relax Folks. SheaMoisture Is Still Cruelty-Free! + Statement From SheaMoisture


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During an eventful day across all my social media accounts the evening ending on a high note (to say the least).  Jen of whose beauty blog is dedicated to cruelty-free beauty brands and products shared a post on her Instagram that a “reliable source that’s directly connected to SheaMoisture” informed her that the brand does not confirm their ingredient suppliers do not test on animals. I’m a fan of Jen’s site and she’s been a beauty blogger for as long as I can remember, at least since 2009.  She has a huge following and has even successfully launched her own social media company.  I’ve also been a huge fan of the SheaMoisture brand and products since they hit Target, so I understand the gravity of a claim like this and know that it can really harm a brand.

My loyalty lies with with my readers and since I’ve told you guys that SheaMoisture was cruelty-free I wanted to reach out to them for clarification.  I’ve seen things like this become quite damaging and I honestly don’t like he say/ she say and feel that it’s best to reach out to the brand. I also naturally become protective when it comes to Black owned companies and indie brands.  Not to attack Jen or tell her how to run her business but I do think that this was poorly handled in a few ways but think that her intentions were in the right place.  The post initially read that it was from a “reliable source that’s directly connected to SheaMoisture” then it seemed to backtrack a bit to it being a customer service representative that may not have been properly trained but instead of the update being added to the post it was buried in the comments but was later updated in the caption.  *long deep sigh*…. I honestly haven’t seen anything like this in years.  I don’t have a business relationship with SheaMoisture but it took about 10 minutes for me to contact them for the statement below.  Something I would encourage all bloggers to do in times like this just to be fair and to avoid confusing readers or your integrity being questioned.


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Response from SheaMoisture

Hi Krissy,

Good to hear from you. If you please check My Beauty Bunny’s Instagram, she misunderstood (noting this on her site) and has confirmed the her concern is not if our suppliers test on animals (they don’t), but if we distribute to markets in which animal testing is mandatory. We don’t distribute to China or any other area in which animal testing is mandatory. For over the past 20 years SheaMoisture has been committed to being a cruelty-free company. We’re proud to continue this tradition.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Kind regards,
Melissa [sic]

Sundial Brands, makers of SheaMoisture and Nubian Heritage



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