Rich or poor the beauty supply store will always be home




Without a doubt Tina and Bey can shut down any store they want and ball out in the blink of an eye but guess where they took a trip to… the beauty supply store. Not only did they shop and take pics with other customers but Bey tagged the location in her photo for Instagram. Free press like that is invaluable and doesn’t happen often for small businesses and it might have been a gentle reminder for America that hood beauty supply stores are still thriving.

This is what Saturdays are made for; reading blogs and the beauty supply store. Methodically reading product labels, twisting off tops to smell what’s inside, calling Angel to see what I need to check out, and leaving with a bag of beauty products feeling like I robbed the place because everything was so cheap. It’s where tips and rumors about celebs beauty secrets are swapped and trends start. Before graduating to the drugstore and getting your masters from Sephora we start at the beauty supply store and we still call it home.

I can’t say that I was shocked to see Tina stocking up on satin bonnets and I can only imagine what Bey purchased. Rich or not BSS’s tend to have must-have items at great prices that you simply can’t find at traditional stores and cosmetics stores.

Deep conditioning and protein treatments ($4-7)
Braiding hair (2/ $5)
Satin bonnets ($2)
Marcel irons ($15)
Nail polish ($1)
Bobby pins, combs, hair ties, bows, and balls ($1)
Clear lip gloss ($1)
Hair color including plastic caps, clips, gloves, and dye brushes










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