Sam Fine’s Keynote from The Makeup Show LA 2013 [Complete Audio]


Sam Fine The Makeup Show LA 2013
How can you not love this man?! Sam Fine has embodies everything I love about a makeup artist and person.  He reveled that he does intend to write another book but no time-frame has been sent; rightfully so with him being a Creative Makeup Director for Fashion Fair.

I love how he addressed that he does not have competitors that he is his own competition.

His plan for Fashion Fair is to bring his perspective and wake-up a brand that’s been asleep for the past few years.  He really wants to change how we see Fashion Fair and he’s doing a great job.  I know if it’s any girl out there that wants to see Fashion Fair make it and takeover, it’s me.  I’ve been a fan for years but it’s time to get in new bronzers, current lip colors, and products we as women of color can fall in love with again.  I saw a nice handful of women purchase Fashion Fair “African Violet” lipstick and immediate apply it in the restroom; it’s things like this I am here for.

I think the best question was if he’s concerned about his client’s skin type.  I’m all the way with Sam on this one.  It’s not a concern.  “I’m here for color and correction.”  You skin care regimen is your concern; I’m here to make you look flawless.

You’ll also get to find out what his favorite facial moisturizer is.  I won’t spoil it for but it total makes sense!  I’m a fan of the brand’s president, so if you follow me on Twitter then you probably figured out the brand.  Sam also has a nickname for me, a very fitting one if I don’t say so myself.

Enjoy this 87 minute long keynote!  I promise you’ll laugh and do a lot of head nodding and agreeing on a lot of things.  When is Oprah going to do a Next Chapter or Master Class with Sam?  Do I need to email her or get a petition started?

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