See What’s Inside Ciara’s Makeup Bag, Get in Here Busy Moms!

singer-ciaras-makeup-revlonThis is the moment you didn’t know you were waiting for.
It’s finally here!
Ciara is giving us a peek inside her makeup bag and it’s lit!

I’ve only recently become a fan of Ciara’s hair and makeup looks; I’d say within the past few years. Joining the Revlon team as their new global brand ambassador, she is really building a nice brand for herself. She’s already tackled the fashion industry so cosmetics just align with the stars. Since she’s so quiet about her makeup and skincare routine I just assumed we would never hear about it. You know Beyonce is just as secretive, so moments like this don’t happen often.

She has some really good products in her arsenal that I need to check out. You can tell she knows what products she likes and keeps it at a minimum to fit her busy life as a woman, mother, wife, and entertainer. Can’t wait to see her first Halley-esque Revlon ad running in a forest in an evening gown looking back into the camera effortlessly.

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