Is The Wet Brush the Best Detangling Tool for Natural Hair?


The Wet Brush on Natural Black Hair (2)
The Wet Brush on Natural Black Hair (2)

The Wet Brush on Natural Black Hair (2)


I’ve reviewed my fair share of the most popular detangling tools when it comes getting these coils in check.  You name it, its touched my hair.  The Wet Brush ($9.00) may seem like it popped up in stores overnight but it’s been used by professionals for quite sometime.  It was one of those tools you could only find at hair expos but within the past couple of years they’ve made their place at some of our favorite beauty supply retailers such as Sally’s and Target.

So what’s the hype? It looks like every other brush?

It does have somewhat of an underwhelming aesthetic about it but I promise you it is one of the best detangling brushes you’ll ever use– no matter your hair type.  It’s been my go-to detangling tool and has saved my hair.  I’ve had a hard time keeping this brush to myself because of its versatility; you can use it on straight styles, children’s hair, and weaves.

What makes The Wet Brush Different?

Let’s start with the bristles because that’s where the magic starts.  When you have thick hair you need bristles that can detangle all the through those strands and this is where many detangling tools miss the mark.  Shorter bristles cause more brushing because they’re not really penetrating like they should.  The bristle have perfect tensions!  They’re not too firm so it doesn’t rip through hair tearing it apart which causes damage.  Lastly, the tips are coated at a point instead of a thick round ball.  Okay this one is slightly minor but still vital to me.  By not having large rounded tips you’re not left with gaps in your hairstyles so you don’t have to reach for another tool if you’re concerned about your hairstyle or better yet… worry about a brush creating lines & gap and your tracks showing.

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