Top podcasts you should be binge listening in 2020

best podcasts in 2020

Just a few commonly asked questions about my pod listening habits before diving into this list.

What apps do I listen on?

I keep it simple so most of the time I listen on my phone using Spotify or Apple Podcast (when it does load, it’s a buggy app). I don’t like having to keep up with too many podcasts apps because they get missed as the list grows on Spotify.

What is a podcast? 

A podcast is an audio broadcast. They cover an assortment of subjects and topics from history, true crime, food, self-help, relationships, stories, comedy and more. Podcasters have the range and there’s nothing you can’t learn. The format changes from show to show, host to host, and pod network to pod network. It’s like being in an audio book store but pods are not audiobooks.

So they’re like audiobooks?

No, But I do have a digital library of audiobooks that I enjoy just as much. But podcasts aren’t audiobooks.

When do you have time to listen to all these?

I listen to a lot more than what’s on the list. I listen while working, commuting in L.A., and while cleaning. I just listen to less music since listening to pods because it’s hard not to finish the story. Gosh, I hate cliffhangers. 

  1. Therapy for Black Girls, hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford
  2. The Friend Zone, where Zen and pop culture meet
  3. Swindled, American true crime stories about white-collar crime and cons
  4. Twenty Thousand Hertz, interesting stories about sounds
  5. You Had Me at Black, open-mic storytelling
  6. You Must Remember This, forgotten stories of Hollywood
  7. Freaknic a Discourse on a Paradise Lost, history of Atlanta’s biggest picnic
  8. Making Beyonce, 3-part series that covers Yonce from kid to megastar
  9. The Disney Story Origins, very detailed comparisons of original films, stories, and books to their Disney remakes
  10. WeCrashed, a Wondery breakdown of the crash of WeWork’s empire 
  11. Esther Perel Where Should We Begin is the perfect start especially those in or seeking romantic relationships and challenges with love
  12. This American Life, compelling stories with various themes 
  13. Reveal, groundbreaking stories with often surprising outcomes
  14. Legal Wars, in-depth stories about the best courtroom battles
  15. Ridiculous History, just when you thought history is crazy enough
  16. Something You Should Know, the most interesting little known facts that everyone should know
  17. Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know, unexplained events with a dash of conspiracy theories
  18. Stuff to Blow Your Mind, wild science, and technology info we should know and yet here we are… getting schooled 
  19. The Sweep Spot, Disney and Disneyland stories from former sweepers and cast members
  20. The Read, will always uplift your spirits and get you in a good mood, even when they have to read someone for filth
  21. Theme Park Pulse, I’m an L.A. girl, it’s my duty as a local to stay on top of theme parks
  22. Sword and Scale, the underworld of crime and that’s an understatement
  23. This is Actually Happing, short story format that explores what happens when $hit get real
  24. The Dream, exploring multi-level marketing with empathy and exposing the truth 
  25. Snap Judgement, dramatic tales of when you faced with the ultimate decision to make a choice
  26. This is Love, this is everything they don’t tell you about love
  27. She Makes Money Moves girls and the coin we keep and the coin we create
  28. Scandalous Beauty, a dope makeup and beauty podcast Erin Baynham of the popular beauty blog of the same name 
  29. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman, I’m all about scaling up and growth and Reid doesn’t hold back when it comes to how these businesses go from zero to a gazillion
  30. Moms and Murder, low-key everybody’s moms are into murder and true crime, we’re all just following suit
  31. Slow Burn, each season they take a deep look into the stories the world thought they knew 
  32. The Star Plucker, Eyebrow guru Damon Roberts brings us beauty stories and tips 
  33. Still Processing, America’s sister and brother Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris cover some of the country’s biggest cultural stories  
  34. The Nod, Black stories that rarely get the coverage they deserve told by Brittany and Erick 
  35. Joe Budden Podcast, this is a judgment-free zone, right? 
  36. Gastropod, food, history, and science and did I mention food?
  37. The Science Hour, great for getting caught up on the latest updates in science
  38. Science Vs, knocking down myths with hardcore scientific facts
  39. Savor, because food is amazing and I can listen to people talk about food every day
  40. Optimal Living Daily, quick minimalist shorts to get your day going
  41. Planning for Profit, it’s always time to “make this money” so plan for it
  42. Reply All, modern life and how tech impacts us
  43. Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, marketing, promotion, advertising, and psychology deep dives
  44. Today Explained, details on one of the most important stories you missed while at work or just out living your life
  45. Crime Junkie, recaps of some of the most popular crime and stories of murder
  46. Infamous: The Tekashi 61x9ine Story, narrated by hip-hop journalist Angie Martinez this doc-style pod starts from his early life to how we got here today
  47. 30 for 30, where sports meets drama
  48. 99% Invisible, the little major topics you should know but probably don’t
  49. 1619 from The New York Times, hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones, this pod examines how slavery has shaped America
  50. The Angela Lee Show, showing you how to get our your feelings and into your bag
  51. The Boonie Breakdown, Your source for all things Responsible & Ratchet™, Boonie breaks down life and she’s the friend that helps you get it together
  52. Business Wars, multiple series of the history of business rivalries
  53. Brought to You By, how the biggest household brands made it into our lives and impact it
  54. Criminal, compassionate stories about those that have been on various sides of crime
  55. Death Sex Money, excuse my language but this is the shit everyone should be talking about and don’t
  56. Drink Champs, hip hop stories, weed, and liquor straight from those that know first hand
  57. Revolutionist History, Malcolm Gladwell revisits history to see if they got it right the first time… spoiler alert they almost never get it right the first time
  58. Ear Hustle, stories from inmates living with the daily realities of being in prison
  59. Freakonomics Radio, because we’re all impacted by the wild world of economics
  60. The Hilarious World of Depression, because depression and suicide can make you look back and laugh
  61. Every Little Thing, great for those that find themselves curiously googling random questions
  62. Running From Cops, this podcast should be a Netflix documentary so it can get the attention it needs. This is what happens when Cops film with local agencies to get ratings
  63. The History Chicks, learn your history!
  64. Pivot, where tech, business, and politics collide
  65. The Pitch, real entrepreneurs pitching to real investors for real money
  66. Charm City, this series takes a look at the police shooting death of Lavar Montray Douglas
  67. Have You Seen This Man, as much as I love stories about crime I think it’s just as important to understand failures in the system and this story was a hu
  68. Choiceology, in unpredictable situations, what choice would you make and can we be taught how to make better choices
  69. Welcome to LA, because LA is wild as f*ck and the craziest things happen in this town
  70. Ologies, scientific topics we can all relate to. Alie Ward and Dr. Joe Farrari covered procrastination
  71. How I Built This… with Guy Raz, a journey with innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists to talk about they built the brands we know today
  72. Trumpcast, I get tired of hearing about this man just like everyone else but it’s worth knowing what’s happening
  73. What Trump Can Teach You About Con Law, basically everything
  74. The Wonderland Murders, this story was hard to follow in the beginning but well worth the rollercoaster of events. The film is good too.
  75. The last one was intentionally left blank because I feel like new (great) pods come often and there’s so many that I discover from people sharing them with me. So feel free to share some of your favorite podcasts!
best podcasts in 2020
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