A Few Unconventional Ways I Use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


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Apparently I’m a bit more unusual than I thought.  Something that I kind of knew all my life but I guess I’m still up to usual antics.

I posted a photo on Instagram [if you’re not follow you should] of my favorite brand of virgin organic coconut oil from Traders Joe’s and described some ways I used it. First off, Trader Joe’s brand is the only one I purchase these days. I’ve used at least 5 other brands of organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil but TJ’s stays in rotation. Many of my New York followers are saying they can’t find it anymore and it’s been out of stock in many locations for months now. In California it’s been hit & miss. I had to travel to two stores to find a jar. At the first store I was told they get in about 3 cases a day but it sells out quickly. Not surprised because that location is always busy. But about 7 minutes away it was fully stocked. Now that I think about it I should have grabbed 2 jars.


Pre-shampoo hair treatment

Even if I’m doing just a quick wash, as long as shampoo is being used I apply a hefty amount of OVCO from scalp to ends. If I have time I leave it on for at least 30 minutes but when I’m short on time a few minute will have to do. Why do you ask? A few reasons; coconut oil helps hair retain protein. I have fine tight curls that can easily tip the scale of being limp and overly moisturized. Sometimes I don’t need a protein treatment just want to remain as balanced as possible and this helps. I also want to avoid water fatigue (which shares the characteristics of over moisturized hair) and having a protective coating of coconut oil helps while still retaining moisture. It’s not as messy as applying oil and it doesn’t leave any residue.


Pre-shower body treatment

I have extremely dry skin due to eczema. But I rebuke you ashy dry skin! I’m totally convinced that I have some type of phobia that makes me despise ashy skin and of all things to have I ended up with dry skin and eczema. I already take showers with warm water but it’s also been suggested that people with skin like mine skip showering daily to prevent over drying your skin. Well that’s not an option. I feel dirty at the end of the day…. I can’t even understand why so many women sleep with makeup on because by the end of the day I just want to take a shower and wash my face. I apply OVCO everywhere and I do mean everywhere then hop in the shower as usual. It kicks up any body wash or soap you use.


TMI… but we’re all adults right?

Months back adult film star, Teanna Trump did an interview with BrownGirlFriendly.com about her pocketbook routine. I don’t know about you but who’s that a wonderful source of tips for the pocketbook. She mentioned using coconut oil inside and out after rough scenes. It was a total light bulb moment. Before you say “that sounds nuts”, just hear me out. Women have been using OVCO to help with BV, yeast infections, lube, and vagina dryness for years. My favorite lubricant Foria also has a coconut oil base. If you’re sexually active (with or with a partner) you should give OVCO a try. It helps keep you balanced and as works great at keeping your machine well oiled. If you use latex condoms then you’d want to skip using OVOC as a lubricant because it can compromise the performance of the latex.

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