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The past month and a half have been insane. My schedule is a total mess and just to find time to relax and blog it took nearly a week to plan.

I moved, started a new job (cheers to 50-70 hour, 6 day weeks), caught the flu, followed by a stomach flu, had an amazing Honey and Petals holiday sale that took nearly a month to mange, had to Christmas shop, find a new hairstylist and do what I do best… be a loving supportive girlfriend, friend, and business coach. I haven’t had time to rest so blogging was put on hold. Not to mention I had to get a new digital camera somewhere up in there too. My schedule is finally getting a bit more settled and I have managed to find some time to relax and blog. That doesn’t mean that things aren’t still crazy. They very much are but it looks promising.

If you know me then you know despite everything I had to sit and open my planner and try to keep everything on schedule while planning and manifesting everything I need to tackle for 2017. I push through. It’s one of the things I do. But I can’t do everything I do without support (I’m surrounded by supportive people), focus, and as corny as it sounds… planning. I plan everything! I plan so much Life Management Expert could be my new title.


I only made a few superficial goals this year

Get myself and my skin back on point.

I’ve had so many setbacks and changes over the last two years and it’s all showing in my skin. Taye was just telling me how she can tell when something’s going on because it shows in my skin.. My face always show the signs of stress, tiredness, bad eating, and other habits. My skin is on some “you know what needs to be done so get your shit together and I’ll act right” type of behavior.

This means it’s back in the gym, more water, fruits & veggies, vitamins, completely new skincare products + routine. I also have to slow down and relax more. Money eases my stress so it’s all about doing what I know needs to be done and working smarter not harder.

Last year I knew when I relaunched that I was over traditional beauty blogging but 2016 really confirmed it for me. I never look for confirmation when it comes to things like that but actually getting one was great. I’ll be blogging about life and beauty even more on my terms. Before you start thinking “no one wants know about your life”…. lies. Me and my friends have some pretty entertaining ass lives.

Shoutout to my new hairstylist, @nikkiallyrae (Nikki Rae) at @hairbeatlosangeles (Hair Beat LA) in Inglewood for getting my hair together for the new year. This is the best most conservative weave I’ve ever worn and she’s an amazing stylist and pleasure to work with. We all know how hard it is finding a hair stylist in LA so she really is a gem and the salon she’s at is just as dope.

I’m working on a nice long list of posts but in the meantime here are a few resources to get you ready


Where to find me // Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

2016-2017 academic planner // Day Designer for Target

Complete skin care revamp // Amazon

Body care // Dial Silk & Magnolia Body Wash, Buena Skin Spirulina Body Scrub, Honey and Petals Whipped Shea Butter

Hair // Closure (She Virgin Hair Products Co.,Ltd) and bundles (Ali Only Hair Products Co., Ltd) from Aliexpress, installed by Nikki Rae


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