Be the best basic you can be! | @UrbanDecay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette




Such a fitting name. What else would you call the most basic of all basic palettes but the Naked Ultimate Basics palette ($54)? Urban Decay, the ruler of Basicland just released the most epically basic palette ever and guess who fell in love with it? This girl, the princess of basicness. The same girl that swore off nude eyeshadow palettes after the 10th one was released. The same that also swore off Urban Decay as a brand and a makeup company. They truly nailed it when it came to the shade options with this palette. It’s one of the few that have the perfect neutrals for every range of shade tones; from pale to olive, to deep skin tones. Everything you need is all in 1 beautiful plastic rose gold case. Need a warm brown and cool brown, you’re covered. Need some pink and yellow nude shades? Covered there too! You even get an eyeshadow brush and huge mirror in the compact to keep your makeup on point.


The 12-color eyeshadow palette features all new exclusive matte shades and 1 demi-matte. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of these shade don’t remain exclusive to the palette later down the line. Extra Bitter is stunning and a must-have outside of just this collection of shades. Nudie was the most poor perming shade of the collection and the others were good. Not as great or as earth-shattering as previous releases from the brand. I didn’t find them to be as silky or as rich in pigment as Naked Basics2. Even when they’re not at the top of their game they’re still at the top. But if it doesn’t improve it might not be that way for long. I really wanted to see swatches on deep skin tones prior to the release (which was days earlier than mentioned and UD offered free 2-day shipping). I searched for a while and even tweeted the brand asking for swatches on brown skin. This is what frustrates me the most with UD. When they want to work with Black vloggers and bloggers the information is easily available. But when they don’t work with us you can’t find anything. It’s never consistent with them. Which sucks because I do like the brand, it just never seems reciprocated. Hopefully this will help some of you that was in the same predicament as me.




Blackjack warm black matte

Magnet smoky gray matte

Lockout neutral brown matte

Faith medium warm brown matte

Extra Bitter burnt orange matte

Pre-Game pale yellow matte

Lethal reddish brown matte

Instinct medium pink-taupe matte

Tempted pale brown matte

Commando light taupe-brown matte

Nudie soft pink-nude matte

Blow light nude demi-matte








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