What all do you do? A list of the many hats I wear as a Black content creator



What all do you do?

I know I do a lot. I juggle many hats and I’m multi-passionate. I can’t think of a time in my life where I wasn’t. But it didn’t really hit me until I was asked during breakfast with a friend, “what all do you do?” I decided to compile a list of everything I do and simplify what I do in those roles. It’s a lot and can be overwhelming so I want to make it as simple as possible. I work and collaborate with small and major brands, some of up-and-coming others are nationally known household names.

I’ve learned to be resourceful, organized, disciplined, as a Black creative, entrepreneur, and content creator while having gone to school for esthetics, dabbling around LA as a self-taught makeup artist, holding down a job, relationship, and commute.

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krissy90220.com content creator/ blogger

I started creating content as a blogger in 2008 about the beauty industry and beauty products sharing my opinion by way of product reviews and blog posts using high quality photos and images. I’ll be going back to video reviews in early 2017. I recently decided to rebrand and start covering topics like cannabis from everything to news to products such as this full spectrum CBD vape oil , mental care, volunteerism, business, and personal growth because those are topics I typically cover and discuss on social media to my same readers so it only makes sense. I have a bit of an unusual niche; I was/ am the only beauty and lifestyle blogger from/ in Compton. If the city does have someone else I’ve never met them and I’ve looked off and on for years. I grew up in beauty & nail shops where trends start, only minutes away from the best beauty supply stores, swap meets, MAC, Sephora, Ulta, Nigel’s, Rodeo Drive, Violet Grey, Neiman Marcus stores. I cover it all.

The site is hosted on WordPress which means I run the back end technical aspect of the site, the social media, branding, and create the content as an extension of my personal brand. To say it keeps me busy would be an understatement. Looking to contact or work with me, visit my contact page here.

@krissy90220 instagram/ facebook/ pinterest/ twitter

services offered

product reviews

product placement

product photos


store visit

salon reviews

hairstylists reviews

hair reviews

store and event hosting

speaking engagements and conferences

social media posts

sponsored posts including twitter, instagram, instagram stories, snapchat and pinterest


twitter chat hosting



heartofthehustle.com branding and business coach/ social media management

I’ve learned so much about mixed media, photography, content creation, inbound marketing, time management, and project collaboration since becoming a content creator. Along the way I’ve helped friends and brands grow their businesses so I decided to turn that side-hustle into a business. I love it! I get to help women get their businesses off the ground and give them a better chance at succeeding. The only way I’m able to wear so many hats is because I understand proper planning, time management, and being organized.

@heartofthehustl twitter

@heartofthehustleco instagram/ facebook

services offered

business planning and coaching


brand development

brand auditing

time management

social media coaching

social media management

content creation

content creation mapping

newsletter campaign implementation

instore photography

social media graphics and digital flyers

event hosting

event social media/ ala carte

speaking engagements


honeyandpetals.com handmade skin care brand for dry, sensitive, skin

Growing up with chronic eczema, dry, sensitive skin I had to learn how to take care of my skin and really analyze the ingredients I was using. This not only lead me to beauty blogging but also encouraged me to create some of my very own products when I can’t find what I’m looking for. I turned that into a business as well. I create the products, oversee the marketing campaigns, and the orders. It’s a 1-woman show but I have a team of friends and family that keeps everything running smoothly.

@honeyandpetals instagram/ twitter/ pinterest/ facebook

products offered

whipped shea butter

plush oil

konjac facial sponges

body scrubbing towels

limited edition campaigns and scents

speaking engagements and events


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