What Does It Mean To Truly Have It All?



Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nissan via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nissan.

In order to have it all you have to know what it is that you want out of life; figuring out what it’s going to take for you to live the best life possible.  This year I made a few important promises to myself: be more productive, spend more time away from the computer, and to relax more often.  Being more productive meant that it was time to shop for a new planner and the latest organization crafts and creating a vision board.  Spending more time away from the computer might seem crazy, but on the weekends I can spend every second in front of the computer and before I know it the weekend is gone and I’ve worked it away *looks out window and think to myself you live in LA… it’s a whole world out there to explore*.  If I’m more productive I can actually spend more time living life while still getting everything done.  Lastly I decided to relax more.  I’m a girl with many titles, but a nice shower or bath followed by a cup of tea really is the perfect start and end to a good day.  I’m enjoying shopping for new tea and accessories on the weekends and discovering new flavors and crafting new body products. Having it all isn’t limited to just money, makeup, and clothes.  It’s about being in a mental place of clarity, understanding, and focus. I loved this video featuring Latham Thomas, she really spoke to the person that wants it all. With its stylish looks and premium interior, the Nissan Altima is just as much an individual as you are. Not fitting into one mold is what makes the Nissan Altima not only unique, but very exciting!  Did I mention I also drive an Altima… and so does my BFF?  How fitting!

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