Whipped Body Goods Body Butter Photos and Review


Whipped Body Goods Body Butter
Whipped Body Goods Seasonal Body Butter in Cognac

Whipped Body Goods Unscented Body Butter

Whipped Body Goods Body Butter

Whipped Body Goods is the online body & hair goods store of Lauren D.(commonly known as @whippedqueen) on Twitter.  It really takes a lot for me to purchase or even try products from indie brands when it comes to body care.  My skin is sensitive and downright unruly at times.  Despite being a beauty blogger, my skin can’t handle the trial & error because of my eczema.

I’m so giddy right now…I’m not even sure how I’m up late writing about this.  But, my order from Whipped Body Goods arrived.  Blog reader and friend, @uknowdatoneguhl knows her skin care and she’s been raving about Whipped for weeks; she’s hard to please and doesn’t fall for just any ol’ stuff.  A couple of weeks ago they had a 20% off sale and I had to see what the hype was about.  I went with the Seasonal Body Butter in Cognac $9 for 4 oz. (a blend of brandy, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla) and Unscented Body Butter $14 for 8 oz.  Both butters consist of a mix of whipped shea butter, olive butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil.
These babies are so decadent!  I didn’t care for the Cognac scented body butter, it wasn’t what I was expecting but the formula is perfect.
As expected with a natural product like this, it doesn’t have as much “glide” as a commercially manufactured body butter or petroleum jelly.  This texture is richer and it’s a lot more nourishing to the skin.  Even after using it for a couple of days, my skin is smoother and baby soft.  Since I have extremely dry skin as well as eczema I usually apply it twice a day, when I don’t drink enough water and really stick with my fruit and vegetables I’ll moisturize 3 times a day.  I really haven’t found myself moisturizing that often since I got the Nutribullet.  Shipping is the average at 7-10 business, I think it took my order a full 7 business days.  My only regret was not taking a chance and just going crazy in her online store.  I saw a lot of purchase worthy products and her lineup for men was really impressive as well.  It’s obvious that Lauren has done her homework when it comes to skin care and is here to give us quality products that actually works.

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