Why I’m Not Excited About Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky or More Naked Products


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….and I promise this has nothing to do with my major gripe about the brand.

Feels like I’ve been on the Urban Decay Baked train for far too long and you know what?  I’m ready to depart- this is my stop.  If it feels like you’ve been on this ride forever it’s because the series was started in 2010.  Back when the first Naked palette was released it was during a time where bright colors were everywhere and it seemed like Urban Decay wanted to grab the bull by its horns and offer something different and it worked!  In fact it worked so well that nearly every cosmetic company followed right behind them and started creating their own “naked” neautral toned eyeshadow palettes.  I get it.  Neutral is timeless and never out of style.  You can buy a new makeup lover the original palette and without it feeling like a palette that’s been out for 5 years.  You can look at countless looks from the craze and outside of an updated ‘brow the look goes undated.  Two years later in 2012 it was Naked 2, then we got Naked Basics a more compact version, Naked2 Basics a follow up to the more compact version but with more taupe shades, Naked 3 which has rose tones, and now we have Naked Smoky…. and in case you’ve forgotten yes there is a smoky palette.  Not to mention between the release of those 5 palettes the brand released Naked Skin Weightless Foundation, Naked On The Run cheek and eyeshadow palette (the only On The Run is Jay and Beyonce so I’m not sure what they were thinking with this one), Naked Flush cheek palette (which i caved in an purchased), Naked Skin Beauty Balm, Naked Illuminated, Naked Glide-On Eye Pencils, Naked Skin Pressed Powder, Naked Skin Loose Powder, and Naked Lipgloss.  I’m surprised the new blushes aren’t part of the Naked series.

It’s not that the products are bad because they great but you ever have that feeling that someone is trolling you… this is how I feel.  I think they’ve gotten comfortable since the Naked name causes such excitement with cosmetic aficionados that they don’t have to work hard to create a branding and marketing campaigns.  Brands are no longer following behind them because they’re too busy trying to create the next new collection and after 5 years it’s time for them to tap out and create the next big series.  It’s not even naked anymore lol.

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