4 Reasons Why Your Content is Not Being Shared


Your share buttons could use some special attention

I know you’ve heard it time and time again, “make sure you have share buttons”, “do have share buttons on your blog?”  Adding buttons that makes it easy for readers to share your content can be more of a challenge than you think.  You want to make sure that they’re easy to locate, captures the reader’s attention without being annoying, and helps cultivate your audience.  You also need to make sure that it features platforms that your readers use.  I’ve found amazing plug-ins with a great design and functionalities that didn’t offer Pinterest sharing.  That would be unhelpful since I get a lot of traffic from Pinterest and don’t want to limit that audience.  Most of all make sure you test your buttons or plugin.  Nothing like having your content shared but your social media handle or page is not mentioned.  Many default options brand the supplying company and not the actual blog as source.  This helps readers find your social media accounts with ease and not only encourages sharing but also following.


Your content isn’t interesting

Coming up with new blog topics for a beauty blog is always a challenge but as long as you remain open and curious there’s always something to write about.  The beauty industry moves so fast in so many different directions that you can easily create content that aren’t limited to press releases and reviews.  Beauty blogging has also changed over the years and you’ll see a lot more lifestyle posts being curated.  If you’re curious about a subject it’s highly likely that readers are as well.  Don’t think on a singular level.  Don’t be afraid to ask readers what type of post they’d like to see, beauty questions, or to check your site’s analytics to see what topics are trending.  Google Trends is always a great starting point.


Unappealing images… or blog design

When I look back at the images I photographed back when I first started blogging I cringe!  But I’m also fully aware that they’re part of my growth process.  I can only aim to do better.  It’s not easy having a vision and making it come to life on your blog when you’re not a photographer or your’e new to blogging.  Same when it comes to blog designs and functionalities.  There’s a lot of research to be done into uncharted territories and having a community of bloggers or a mentor that’s been there done that that’s willing to help you along the way.  I make it a point to ask friends for their open and honest suggestions about my blog.  I also ask fellow bloggers because I have to cover all ends.  Not opposed to spending thousands on a great site design but if it’s not in the budget head on over to etsy.com for something affordable to get you started.  You can also find local coding and photography classes on coursehorse.com and finding free beautiful stock images is one Google search away.


You drop-n-go

So you’ve written a great post, the images are spectacular, that’s it… your work is done and it’s on to the next story.  Wrong!  Your work doesn’t end once the post goes live.  Every social network serves its own purpose and takes a different approach and often not at the same time or on the same date.  Spoiler alert: redundancy across all platforms will not work.  It’s up to you to tap into that creative gene and promote your content on those platforms.  You might also want to consider outsourcing the management of some of those platforms.  I’ve used services from brandspecificmedia.com for Facebook page management because let’s face it- Facebook ain’t my cup of tea, glass of wine, or pint of brew but I also can’t abandon the platform.  Another issue to consider is your engagement when it comes to hashtags.  So many people use hashtags to promote their own content but rarely directly engage with other that are using the same hashtag.  It’s a direct connection that’s rarely used.

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