A Look At My Winter Foundation Routine


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Just a glimpse into my winter foundation routine. Quick disclosure when I say winter I’m talking about winter in Los Angeles; one day it’s sunny, the next it’s cold crisp winds, the next day it can be pouring rain.  Instead of stalking my weather app I just throw caution to the wind and always prepare for rain lol.  I have a 7 minute makeup routine; fill-in my brows, foundation, set, blush, mascara, and a choice of 3 lip glosses I keep in my bag.  Maybe one day I can record my routine because it really is 7 minutes.  It’s the most basic application one can do.




Spritz foundation brush

Apply foundation

Set with translucent powder using a big fluffy brush


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Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray $10.00

There’s something in MAC Fix+ that doesn’t agree with my skin, so although I like it I can’t use it more than 3 days in a row without my eczema flaring up.  The moisturizing formula contains NAPCA, elastin, collagen, and sodium hyaluronate in a pure iodized water base…. all for the low.


It Cosmetics Velvet Luxe Flat Top Powder Brush $38.00

I use this brush for cream and liquid foundations and there is not a better flat top foundation out there and that’s from both the retail and pro end of the spectrum.  One brush that comes close would be the Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Brush but I find that the It Cosmetics brush has a better weight and feel in the hand and it’s full & denser.  It’ll come down to preference and this one is mine lol.


MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance $44.82

There’s really no reason why I went with the pink version instead of gold. I figured no one would see it anyway so it didn’t matter and the artist at MAC couldn’t explain why going with one instead of other would be better.  Natural Radiance acts more as a face lotion than a primer.  It doesn’t control oil but it feels good on the skin and has a little shimmer.  It isn’t a product I would re-purchase.


Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Even Finish Compact Foundation $42.00

I’m not sure if Bobbi Brown is still making this foundation; sometimes I see it on their website sometimes I have to search for it on the site.  I love it!  It’s a tad richer than MAC Studio Tech and the coverage isn’t as full so when my skin is “behaving” I find myself putting it to use more often.  Once this one is gone I plan on re-purchasing.


MAC Studio Tech Foundation $40.58 

My favorite foundation of all time!  It’s hydrating, creamy, full coverage, and leaves a flawless smooth finish even on my textured skin.  I actually have 2 of these in my foundation drawer, both are hitting pan.  I use a tiny metal spatula to place the product in the center and use my warm finger to smooth it out so I can continue to use it without chunks of foundation and so it’ll pick-up evenly on the brush.


Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose $28.00

I’m all about balancing products that give you that glow and dewiness with product that make you matte.  Since I’m using foundations that aren’t typically used by those with oily skin I used matte setting powders because the oxidation process has a much better outcome.  By mid-day I just have a more softened natural matte look and but the end of the day without any blotting or touch-ups I have a nice glow (but not oily).  You can still blot away the shine without adding more product.


Fashion Fair Loose Powder $22.50

I love this loose powder because it’s just a basic translucent powder and finding one that doesn’t look ashy on my skin is hard to find.  Sometimes I don’t need a powder to make me matte and control oil but just to leave my foundation uninterrupted.  They have a nice handful of shades offered with this line so even if your skin is deeper in color, I promise there’s options for you.

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